NGC - The First Immersive Motion Sensitive Controller

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New Generation Controller

NGC is the most versatile solution in the world of controllers. Consisting of an ergonomic glove and a dedicated mobile app, it turns your smartphone into a powerful, multifunctional controller. NGC supports not only virtual and augmented reality activities, but also the traditional gaming experience and other new technologies, such as robots or drones


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Turn your smartphone into a versatile controller

Your smartphone can become a multifunctional wonder device – all you need is the NGC glove andapp. VR, AR or regular gaming? Be on top of your game using NGC as a handy gamepad. LegoMindstorms? Interact with your robots in a new, fuller way. Got a drone? You can fly your drone with one hand only!

Enhance your gaming performance

Bring your gaming experience to the next level with the ultimate, extra comfortable controlling. The ergonomic glove with a reliable swivel smartphone grip provides easy and precise control in your favorite regular or AR games. And the NGC app allows you to use your smartphone in a VR headset


Grasp a brand new drone flying experience

Get a better feeling while flying your drone – and much more fun! Control it with one hand only by a virtual joystick or a gyroscope controller. Wait, it could be even more exciting – take the experience to a whole new level by using the NGC glove and FPV glasses

Be at one with your Lego Mindstorms

The NGC app is fully integrated with Lego Mindstorms, providing extensive set options: a customizable control panel, multiple robots configuration, a control mode selection, etc. You can also choose a virtual joystick in the app or use full capabilities of a NGC glove supported gyroscope controller to get the best interactions with your robots ever.

Make your own VR set

VR headsets and controllers are highly expensive, but you don’t really need them to have fun with VR technology. Get a cheap Google Cardboard or build it yourself, and use it with the NGC app and glove. That’s all you need to get top tier gaming experience in virtual reality.

& Ergonomics

Attaching seamlessly hard objects to the soft body parts is always challenging. NG Controller glove unique design integrates technology with your hands. This interface required human centered design, a deep understanding of physiology and ergonomics.

We have worked closely with EXEON design company. Their interdisciplinary team helped us turn our creative vision in to an excellent product.


The NGC app can also be used without the glove and is just now ready for Android testing. Download it for free from Google Play, check out all the functionalities, and share your opinion!


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