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Developer: Matrix Dynamix Sp. z o. o., Prądnicka 89/6 Kraków, Poland

Supported systems: Android, IOS (soon)


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Short Notes

  • NGC is the new generation controller .This is the first immersive controller, ready to work with the Google Stadia console .

  • NGC is fully compatible with SteamVR, WebVR, Android, PSP

  • NGC allows gyroscopic control and increasing the immersion level. This type of control makes the game more attractive and provides amazing emotions.

  • Games and applications do not require support for gyroscopic control at the design stage . NGC provides this functionality, making it available to all games and applications.

  • "World Scale VR" with the Google Stadia console and NGC will make the entertainment come to a new, unknown level. Solution mobility allows you to run high-quality VR anywhere.

  • NGC is a continuation of the assumptions regarding the lack of buttons and the development of contextual control that began with Steve Jobs.

  • NGC does not need additional sensors and cameras. In addition, it does not require cables because it is completely wireless.

  • NGC has its own PPSSPP compilation, which has full support for the analog joystick, works only with NGC.

  • Team NGC - provided an AFrame fix that makes the "Android - software keyboard" keyboard work properly

  • NGC has been designed to work with WebVR and provides new capabilities that are not possible for any controller that currently exists on the market.

  • NGC allows you to control with one hand. Thanks to this, the device is a solution for people with dysfunctions and can be used in areas such as:

    • Gaming (SteamVR, Android, PSP)

    • Controlling RC devices (drones, robots)


The New Generation Controller came to life thanks to two WebVR enthusiasts. Krzysztof Wróblewski, a senior java developer and a project architect, is the author of the idea. Working long nights, he created the first NGC prototype at home with the use of polymorph plastic and a roller skating wrist guard. This idea's potential was so huge that it soon became a primary goal. Then, an android developer, Grzegorz Sikora, joined the team to help with creating and developing the software.

Linkedin: Krzysztof Wróblewski CEO

Linkedin: Grzegorz Sikora Developer


The NGC consists of an ergonomic glove and a dedicated mobile app. Paired with a smartphone, they become a universal controller for VR, AR and regular games, or any RC devices, such as drones and robots. Using A-Frame and Google ARCore technologies, the NGC is compatible with all of the VR/AR platforms available on the market. The announcement of the revolutionary Google Stadia console opens up new opportunities for NGC. Full integration with WebVR, ensures NGC's readiness to work with Google Stadia.


This product's modifiability allows for it to be used, among other things, as a:

  • The first immersive controller ready to work with the Google Stadia console. Compatible with SteamVR, Android, PSP emulator, WebVR. The patented "real time finger tracking" technology provides real-time controller preview in VR and TV mode

  • VR Set
    The NGC glove and app, together with two smartphones and the affordable Google Cardboard glasses, can become a full-featured VR set for a price few times lower than that of other solutions. Compatible with SteamVR, WebVR, AndroidVR
  • Portable console
    NGC allows you to set up two smartphone devices as a portable game console . NGC also works with Android TV without having two phones.
  • Drone controller
    The NGC takes the drone flying experience to a whole new level, allowing to control it with one hand only with a virtual joystick or a gyroscope sensor. Its compatibility with the FPV glasses makes it a revolutionary controller for FPV drone racing.
  • Lego Mindstorms controller
    Fully integrated with Lego Mindstorms, the NGC provides extensive set options, but above all, it ensures deeper interactions with your robots, thanks to a virtual joystick or a gyroscope sensor.

Next VR Revolution

The NGC continues the Google Carboard policy that caused the VR revolution by making it available for a wide audience. It is a simple and affordable, but also full-featured alternative for the leading products which are highly expensive. Then again, the other smartphone-based solutions are outrun by the NGC because of its comfortable ergonomic controlling, thanks to real time preview feature with finger tracking support. However, NGC is a perfect solution not only for gamers, but also for creators, since it is the first truly innovative tool for controlling and developing WebVR.

Special information

  • Nomination for the six best mobile startups in Poland in the "Mobile Trends Awards 2018" competition

  • The Association for Children and Youth "Rozwiń Skrzydła", whose member is Krzysztof Wróblewski, organized the event "Mindstorms League", for which he was nominated for the "Meet and Code Awards 2019" - relation
    The event uses a New Generation Controller product designed by Matrix Dynamix.

  • Matrix Dynamix with the New Generation Controller product presented itself at Wolves Summit - Warsaw 2019 - relacja

  • NGC is in the final stage of preparations for the campaign on the "Kickstarter" platform. More information soon ...


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