The NGC glove is a hand grip that holds your smartphone in an optimal position in relation to your hand. This solution offers many possibilities, such as: a VR controller, support for multimedia presentations, flying drones, working on a computer as a portable touchpad, selfie stick, gimbal, robot control or an AR game holder. The NGC glove gives potential developers the opportunity to develop their own ideas and applications for new functionalities. Smartphone offers almost unlimited possibilities for applications that change and evolve with its development

"Hand matching"

Movable arm and holding foam allow you to adjust the distance between the screen and the fingers so that the smartphone is always in the ideal position for your preferences, so that you can use the technical values of your smartphone such as sensors, touchpad, camera, etc. with one hand


"Position blocking"

Thanks to the use of position locks, the holding arm of the smartphone can be set to a fixed position. Each of the locks guarantees safe use of the smartphone as a controller. Even during dynamic movements, your phone is safe without fear of falling out of the glove. This solution is a guarantee of comfort and stability. In addition to ergonomics, comfort and safety of use, an important element for us was modern design that’s why every element is carefully designed

“Hand rest”

Your hand may become tired during long periods of use. The handle arm can be additionally adjusted up and down and rotated around its own axis. The aim of this solution is to rest the hand without removing the glove from the hand. During this time, the hand is released to the extent that it is possible to perform the following basic activities


How does it work?

Considering the differences resulting from the size and construction of the hand, we have applied the regulation of individual elements of the glove, so that the product is adapted and comfortable for the majority of users


Exchangable foam

The pressure foam in the middle of the hand is replaceable, making it easy to keep the glove clean or replace it with a different size. The non-central alignment of the foam increases its position range. This eliminates hand fatigue due to constant pressure in one place

Movable foam

Setting up a phone

In this way, the smartphone is put on the NGC glove. The glove arm is first opened, then the phone is gripped by a special movable handle

Adjustable size

Movable arm & holder

Movable glove arm and phone handle allows you to adjust the height and angle in which the smartphone is located in relation to the fingers. The additional rotation capability allows you to release your hand without removing the glove



Technical information

The NGC glove is a combination of work on individual elements. During the construction of the prototype, each element was subjected to detailed tests to eliminate structural errors and improve the ergonomics of the entire solution. Due to the experience gained from tests, some assumptions have been changed or modified so that the user would be aware of the quality of the developed model

Phone alignment tests


Adjusting the position of the phone is a very important aspect of the glove’s usability. The tests of this element were very important while working on the model

Testet against:

  • hand construction
  • various device sizes

Position of the arm


The analysis shows that the point of alignment of the arm can be arranged centrally. It gives us a good leaning at 30 degrees

Geometric concept

After the analysis, a geometric concept was made, so that the structure and appearance combined with ergonomics and safety of use created a modern solution


The NGC application takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by the glove

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